I have no words to describe Dr. Hodnett and what he has done for me. I’m so greatfull for the hard work he dedicated to me and I’m sure to his other patients. I read previous reviews and I couldnt make sense of the bad ones. Dr. Hodnett does not give the price the consultant does! The reason I’m mentioning this is for the person who mentioned that he only cares about money she has the wrong impression! Anyway with that said. He cared for me and 5 of my dear friends who I sent over to him for surgery. The staff in Encino/ Ventura are amazing starting with Myria the consultant, Jasmin, Silvia, Bianca, Patty the nurse. They have a great team going on! They were on top of my follow ups, which were very often the first month. I want to show you guys my before and after pictures along the way so this process can help any of you who were think about Tummy tuck, Liposuction. I did Liposuction in banana roll, upper and lower flanks together with my tummy tuck. I couldn’t have made a better choice on choosing Dr. Hodnett and he’s staff in Encino/Ventura for my procedure.

When I finally chose to go forward with my decision to get a breast augmentation It was very important to me to do as much research as possible and go to as many consultations I could to find the best Doctor and staff to ensure I got the the best results. It was also equally as important to me I felt comfortable and had as much knowledge and guidance through every step.

BHP was the very first consultation I had and from the moment I walked in the door the staff was absolutely amazing. Everyone I came in contact with was friendly and comforting. I have to say Tracy was nothing short of AMAZING! I could go on and on about how wonderful she is. She went above and beyond to help me with any and every question or concern I had. After visiting other offices I had no doubt in my mind BHP was the right choice for my procedure. Not only did Tracy help me while in the office but was great at responding to any email before and after no matter what it was regarding. I was honestly very impressed and surprised how much quality time she spent with me helping me with every decision. Most other offices I went to I felt like just another potential patient trying to be sold something. I don’t think I could have had any better of an experience from start to finish anywhere else. I have recommended BHP to many friends and family members and I strongly encourage anyone who is considering any type of procedure to go here.

Dr. Hodnett and his staff are incredible and needless to say I couldn’t be happier with my results! I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE my breast augmentation! Absolutely exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled I made the decision to put my trust in all of the beautiful staff at BHP!!!


Everyone was so nice; everyone was great from the doctor to the nurses. I was very happy! Tracy was the best! She really helped me with my financing. She really worked hard for me. She was patient with me. She was great! Doctor Hodnett is the best. He really knows his stuff. I’m happy and most importantly my husband is happy!

The anesthesia provider explained everything to me. I could not have had a better team of people to take care of me. I’m a nurse, so I know what I’m talking about.

You guys changed my life! After having lost 100lbs I had so much excess skin. And having been born with a birth defect, my breasts were not at all what I would have liked them to be. Dr. Hodnett is brilliant. He did for me exactly what I wanted. It’s an absolute miracle. The staff here is the finest, friendliest group of people I have ever seen.

The service provided was great and the people giving the service were even better. I would never have expected such great people and great procedure’s outcome. I will refer friends and family to this location. And for future procedures of my own, I will be back here, again.
Thanks so much Dr. Hodnett and staff. You guys are great! ?

What a wonderful experience you will have at the Beverly Hills Physicians! The friendly assuring office staff, especially Tracy and Juanita, will give you the “relaxing spa pep talk” to put you at ease. I had breast augmentation surgery and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Hodnett does BEAUTIFUL work and is extremely professional. I would give BHP an “A+” in all areas.

I like the girls at the front desk, they are very nice. Lulie, my consultant is really good at what she does and she’s also very informative. Doctor Hodnett is good at what he does. He did my previous surgery and the next time I need plastic surgery, I’ll; back to him. I’ll follow him wherever he goes!

Darlene and Juanita are amazing! I had a previous procedure back in January and when I came in for my second procedure they remembered my name and recognized my voice over the phone. I thought this was pretty amazing!

Lulie is awesome! She goes out of her way to assist her patients; she calls you on the weekend and even after hours to follow-up with you. She always keeps you in the loop of what’s going on, which is really fabulous.

Dr. Hodnett is awesome. I like his bedside manner; it’s unique . He tells it like it is, he’s honest, detailed and some time blunt, but he’ll never lie to you. Dr. Williams is detailed as well, he tells you what to expect so you’ll have realistic expectations.

All the staff in the operating room is very caring, they treat you like family. During recovery they are all very attentive, they are right by your side and take good care of you. This is beautiful to see. I’ve already referred several people to Beverly Hills Physicians. My friend is coming in on Monday! I wish I would have come in, a long time ago to have my procedures! This is my only regret! Word of mouth! I heard a lot of people speak highly of Dr. Hodnett.

I came to see Dr. Hodnett a year ago for a tummy tuck consult. Like most women, child birth had taken its toll on my lower abdominal area. For years I tried everything – and all the lotions, lasers, and exercise in the world could not help me get rid of what I called my “turkey waddle”. The stretch marks were one thing, but that gross extra skin was becoming intolerable! I hadn’t worn a bikini in years! I felt so unattractive. Even if no one ever saw it, I did. Everyday. I made my initial appontments and consults with Tracy – who is so patient and honest. She explained everything – and she didn’t sugar coat it. The same was true about Dr. Hodnett. I felt very confident in his abilities after meeting with him and so I went ahead with the procedure. I waited a year to write my review because I wanted to honestly share the entire experience with other people who are considering plastic surgery. Dr. Hodnett and the staff at BHP have been so wonderful. From the start I received excellent care at their facilities and throughout the healing process. For my follow-up visits I was always greeted with smiles and encouragement. Dr. H’s reaction to how well my scar was healing always put a smile on my face. The procedure itself is painful, but knowing I was in good hands put me at ease. One year later, my scar has fully healed and can barely be seen unless you look for it. My stomach looks amazing and I have never felt better about my body. What Dr. Hodnett and his amazing staff did for me was life changing.

Darlene was always wonderful, she is polite, kind, professional, courteous, and also, very knowledgeable about recovery methods. My consultant was extremely polite, fun, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and work hard to make things happen. Dr. Richard Hodnett has been a great doctor for my medical procedures, breast augmentation and blepharoplasty. I have referred strangers and friends to him and my friends loved his work also. I always refer people to him. The people from the operating room made me laugh, eased my nerves, they are very nice and polite with extreme professionalism.

Thank you, Dr. Hodnett, for your caring professionalism! I enjoyed the consultation with Tracy Kennedy; she was informative and fun to talk with. Thank you, Darlene, for guiding me through the post-op and for your patience and understanding.
Respectfully, Katie.

I never thought that my appearance shaped my attitude. My spirits are lifted and I feel confident. As a practical person I was afraid to spend money on myself, but I would do it again. I enjoy shopping and working out, I dreaded it before. Thanks!
Juanita, I cannot explain her work ethic, she is fantastic.

Plastic surgery always scared me. The thought of electively cutting into my face terrified me. But then I saw something that terrified me even more – the fate of my face due to hereditary. My grandmother and aunts all had the same, protruding chin that with age got worse. It’s called a “witch’s chin” – and I had it, too! I was never told that I was unnattractive, but I did get the “you’d be so much prettier if you didn’t have that ridiculous chin”. I couldn’t smile in pictures because that made it more noticable. I decided to do something about it, so I contacted the office of Dr. Hodnett and at BHP. My consultation was with Tracy. She is extremely professional and pleasant to deal with. She explained the procedure to me in full detail. When I met with Dr. Hodnett for the first time I felt very confident in his abilities. I had seen other plastic surgeons before and they all seemed like car salesmen. I’d; in for my chin and leave feeling awful about the rest of me. Dr. Hodnett knew right away what needed to be done and didn’t make me feel bad about myself. The excess fat/flesh in my chin was removed and the scar is not visible. The aftercare from his amazing staff was very comforting. My chin looks and feels great. I now have a strong, defined jawline. It has boosted my confidence so much and now I love to smile, all thanks to Dr. Hodnett!!!

I was very nervous about plastic surgery, but Dr. Hodnett and his staff, Tracy and Juanita really helped me feel comfortable. I can’t imagine that anyone else could have done a better job; this was a pleasant experience. I am thankful for everyone at Beverly Hills Physicians.

I am writing to thank you for the beautiful job you completed! I commend you and your staff for the friendly, professional, caring, dedicated and accommodating experience I encountered in your office. From the time of my initial visit for consultation and even until today I am more than satisfied with the way I continue to be treated. Your team of devoted individuals made my experience a pleasure, and these words of gratitude and appreciation, fail to express how grateful I am for this whole experience.

In addition, I would like to express my gratitude for the comfort in being able to express my emotional needs without being rushed. I appreciate your ability to listen to my concerns about the surgery. I am thankful for your understand of me voicing my concerns as an African-American woman and having you be astute and sensitive enough to know that while all women have the same anatomy, there are distinctive cultural differences in body structure. Thank you for being culturally aware of my individuality and allowing me to be comfortable in expressing the look I desired. It is extremely rare to find a doctor who is sensitive to their patients’ individual needs especially when the demands of the day forge time constraints that limit the amount of time you spend with each patient. It is rare to able to establish a trusting rapport with a doctor so quickly.

Also, I would like to thank Juanita for her genuine kindness, professionalism, and patience in answering my questions and being available to me in spite of the demands placed on her in the course of her busy day. Andrea was also kind a friendly. I thank God for your surgical team and their competence. They provided me every comfort necessary before and after surgery, and also assured me that all would be fine. I also appreciate Lulie’s accessibility and diligence, in correspondence between my medical insurance company, and myself and her commitment to making the financial end of this experience painless.

Dr. Hodnett, I have truly been blessed by the masterpiece of art performed by your skilled hands upon my body, and by every encounter I’ve been engaged in by all your staff. Thank you, and God bless you all!